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A Team Which Loves To Innovate

Untrodden labs, the R&D and consulting centre was created with the aim to enable real innovation in different application fields with a Specific focus on internet of things based technologies and solutions. Ours is an internet of things innovation lab connecting everyday objects with internet.

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Our Vision

Development and deployment of internet of things to put you on the brink of radical scientific realm: Internet of things, your personal phone and your home, the trifecta of comfortA team of Developers and researchers of iot solutions with an aim to increase the quality of life and improve the efficiency of business process.Keeping in mind the dependence of a reliable IOT project on instrumentation.

Data science and analytics, storage, connectivity, PCB Designing, or developing end to end solution we have a dedicated team able to work each of these domains.

“Showing Big Ideas the Light of Day.”

Untrodden labs has a dedicated team to create any kind of innovative projects related to IOT technologies. Keeping in mind the dependence of a reliable IOT project on instrumentation, Data science and analytics, storage, connectivity we have a dedicated team in each of these domains. Our competence lies in convergence of design, strategy and innovation.

What we Do





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